Water and Liquid Fasting

Here at the Terrain Modification Retreat, we believe in the power of water fasting to cleanse body, mind and spirit.  Fasting has been used for centuries to cleanse and purify. By not consuming food, we allow our systems to rest, cleanse and heal. 80% of the energy we utilize during the day goes into breaking down, absorbing and assimilating food. Imagine what can happen when the focus is shifted from digestion to healing!

During the fast, the body enters into a metabolic state called Ketosis, in which the body breaks down fat and other non-essential tissue to provide fuel. The benefits of ketosis are being heavily researched at this time, and thus far it has been shown to be beneficial for neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, autoimmune conditions, high blood pressure and more. Every system in the body has the chance to rest and heal. 

Having supervised water fasts for the past two years, what we have seen here at the center is amazing. Clarity of mind body and spirit enhances each individual self-awareness, self-love and sense of purpose in life. 

Here at the center we used Steam Distilled Water, the purest available, which draws out impurities most potently. We use specific botanical teas and detoxification drinks to support the body in its cleansing process. Refeeding involves Fermented Liquids, Medicinal Teas and Broths and Green Juices. We tailor each individuals fast depending on age, health and body type, we trust and listen to each individual body when it comes to how long and how intensely to proceed. All of the treatments further support this process, allowing for the most potent and effective experience possible.