The philosophy behind our Terrain Modification Academy is Vitalist in Nature. We believe that when the body, mind and spirit are in a clean, balanced, healthy and vital state, dis-Ease falls away and true HEALTH remains. We are of nature, and thus the ability to heal is innate within us. We here at the center have been privileged to witness true healing and transformation, and are excited to welcome and support you along your healing journey. 

When we look at the world around us, the evidence of imbalance and toxicity is ubiquitous, and this is reflected in our overall failing health as humans. We live in a society of excess, distraction, complacency and toxicity. We have combined protocols that functions as a RESET, REBOOT and RETURN to OUR NATURE. We take a step back from our lives, eliminate toxic accumulation and start anew. We are freed from old ways of thinking and being, and are able to live in alignment with our true nature.  When we heal ourselves, we become part of healing this EARTH. 

Our program begins with an extended water fast, which has been used for centuries to allow for healing and deep cleansing of the body mind and spirit. This is combined with the best of traditional and modern therapies to assist in the detoxification and rebuilding process. Furthermore, during the program we also focus on educating and empowering individuals to live a more naturalistic, holistic, intelligent, heart-centered lifestyle. Healing must occur on all levels for true shifting to occur, so we work to address emotional and mental health through meditation, creative arts therapies and mind-heart-body medicine. 

Upon breaking the fast, we re-feed with raw, vital plant based liquids and foods. We work together to prepare live, high vibrational, non-GMO, organic, and mineral dense foods. By feeding our body these types of foods we can alter your energy and vibratory levels, thus elevating our health and consciousness. We eat healthily for ourselves and for our planet, we must let go of processed, toxic lifestyles, and here at our academy we practice living a natural, joyful, vitality enhancing lifestyle.  



Retreat Program Information


The standard retreat length that most participants stay is 1 - 3 months. 

Fasting Schedule

The standard program includes: 

  • 7-10 days water fasting (varies with each individual)
  • 4-7 days liquids (Green Juices, Fermented Coconut Water, Blue-Green Algae Water, etc.)
  • 7 days Raw Vegan Re-feeding. 

Advanced Naturopathic Medical Program

Our medical program is all about connecting the dots. We have worked to combine the best of both traditional and modern therapies to give each participant the most potent healing experience possible.  The medical program includes:

  • IV Antioxidant Therapy and Vitamin Injection Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage and Lymphatic Drainage
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Acupuncture/Cupping therapy
  • Abdominal Massage/Castor Oil Packs
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Gemstone Meridian Therapy
  • BioElectroMagnetic Plasma Therapy
  • Holistic Counseling and Heart Rate Variability (HeartMath)
  • Art and Music Therapy
  • Herbal Tonics, Homeopathic Medicine and Detoxification Support Supplements 

Inclusive Retreat Program

In addition to the therapies listed above, you will enjoy Guided Meditation and journey work, Yoga, Tai Chi and Movement Classes, Trips to the beach, Volcano and Farmer's market. Our Sanctuary is equipped with FAR Infared Sauna, Steam Distilled Sauna, Gym, Infared Vita-mat and much more to assist and entertain. During your stay you will be able to enjoy the expansive organic farm, vast ocean views and will be able swim in two waterfalls on the property fed from waters descending from Mauna Kea. It is truly a healing sanctuary. 


Throughout your stay you will learn about the Principles, Protocols and Philosophies of the Terrain Modification Program and how to integrate them into your own life. Some of the topics include: 

  • Weekly Lecture with Dr. Cassar on various department and protocols of the Terrain Modification Program

  • How to make your own Alcohol Skin Solvent Cleaning Solutions

  • Beginner to Advanced G'washing Techniques - Dr. Cassar’s Skin Cleaning Protocols

  • Skin Mineral Therapies & Procedures (Transdermal Magnesium & Coconut Oil)

  • Botanical Medicine Making With Dr. Jessica

  • How to make your own Fermented Probiotic Kombucha

  • How to make your own Lacto-Fermented Foods

  • Mind-Body Holism Workshop and Lecture with Dr. Bryce

  • Acid-Reduction Partner Massage Techniques

  • BreathWork and the importance of practicing it regularly

  • Dietary and lifestyle hacks for the real world

  • and MUCH MUCH MORE!!


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