In the philosophy of Naturopathic medicine we learn that Nature avails to us a means of healing itself, the Vis Medicatrix Naturae. To fully realize, utilize and harness this healing power means to look at all the ways in which we are hindering this process in our life. Obstacles to healing can exist as habits of mind, heart and body. The connection of the Mind into the Body means we have a close connection to this power; changes take place physically when we make changes mentally. At our center we have added the word HEART, to emphasize the importance of connecting with the emotional aspects as well as the mental aspects of our wellbeing. During the fast we are removing outside influences which have an effect on our health, which then allows us to see more clearly the ways in which our mind-heart-body connection can be enhanced and enlightened, creating the space for deep healing. At the retreat we use several methods to tap into this healing potential. 


Narrative Medicine

This method uses a communicative, dialogue-style of conversation in which the right questions are asked that help you to explore the subconscious processes and patterns of thinking that have contributing to a diseased state. When you see these patterns come you are given the choice back to choose a different thought pattern that aligns us to our highest Truth. 



This process leads one through a meditation and movement exercise, tapping into the deep messages within, utilizing visual art to see what is being reflected back to us, welcoming us to the home within. 



This therapy involves the application of specific gemstones on the body to enhance the flow of energy throughout the body and assist in emotional release. 


Biolinguistic Kinesiology

Using the language of the story that we carry with us, we can combine key phrases used with muscle testing techniques to show which thought patterns and emotions are truly at the core of the issue needing to be corrected.



When we learn to quiet the mind, feel into our bodies and listen to our hearts, we find ways to lessen our stress and enhance our sense of peace and well-being.

Emotional Freedom Technique

This method uses tapping at key points on the body to help move the emotions towards a direction of change. Often when we feel diseased there is an underlying emotional connection which comes out through the emotional connection we have to the physical sensations of disease. 



Flower essences offer subtle support to address our emotional imbalances and stuck patterns of fear, anxiety, anger and depression. We offer customized formulation to best support each individuals process.