Internship Program

We offer 1-3 month internships for those motivated individuals who want to immerse themselves in the Terrain Modification Process by assisting others through the process. Interns will learn the protocols, get to interact with Staff and Dr. Cassar and enjoy the amenities and beauty of our Center.

Interns need to be in good health, physically, mentally and emotionally. The qualities we look for is compassionate, hard working, self-motivated individuals who have a background in health or health related areas and ideally have gone through the 21 Day Program or something similar. 

Interns work directly with Trevor, our Retreat Facilitator. Duties shift throughout, and include but are not limited to: 

Laundry, Dishes, Cleaning and Tidying. 

Trash, Compost and Garden Maintenance

Assisting With Classes, Workshops and Adventures

Applicants with Yoga Teacher Training, Massage or Other Body Work Training are given preference. 


**Interns are responsible for own food during their stay, which is between $150-350 depending on each individual **


To Apply for the Internship Program Please Fill Out the Form. We will contact you for an interview upon receipt of the form. 

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