Application Process

The application process starts with each individual filling out the Health Questionnaire and participating in an Initial Consultation with either the Medical Director or Resident Physician. At that point the decision is made whether the program is the right fit for that individual. Upon approval, a $1000 deposit is used to secure one's spot in the desired retreat and is applied towards the total cost of the retreat. Deposits are non-refundable, however the funds may be applied towards a future retreat within 6 months of original start date. Funds may also be applied towards private consultations with Dr. Jessica Renfer should the individual not be able to attend a retreat within that given time period. 


Selection Process


1. Our retreat is not intended to treat specific disease conditions, rather to establish the basis for health such that the body is able to function more optimally. Our goal is to enhance the bodies natural detoxification systems and restore health digestive function. 

2. As this is designed as a group experience, individuals selected for the program are approved with the best interest of the group as a whole in mind. 

3. For the most part, stays are limited from 21- 25 days. We can only guarantee 21 day stays, any extension is given on approval after week one of the retreat and cannot be booked ahead of time. This allows the individual and retreat staff to determine whether the extended time is necessary and appropriate. Interested individuals will be informed within one week of arrival whether there an extended stay is available. Availability depends on subsequent retreat space and group dynamic. 

4. This retreat is not designed as an In-Patient program, medical supervision is on-site during the day and only when necessary during the evenings, thus it is best suited for individuals in a relatively stable state of health, not those in crisis situations. We can recommend clinics and hospitals which are better designed to support very ill individuals. 

5. There are certain medical conditions for which fasting is contraindicated. Approval for the program will only be granted for those individuals whom the Medical Director deems the program to be safe and indicated.

6. In order to be considered for the program, individuals must be willing and able to completely fill out our health questionnaire and participate in an initial consultation with the Medical Director and/or Resident Physician. Know that all information is kept confidential.