WELCOME to the TERRAIN MODIFICATION RETREAT and RESEARCH INSTITUTE, the official retreat of Earther Academy

At the Terrain Modification Academy, participants go through a “Metamorphism”, which involves retreating into oneself, letting go of past ways of feeling and being, eliminating toxic accumulation, and creating the space for deep healing. 

The Terrain Modification Research Institute is a private academy through which we invite established members of Earther Academy to participate in our protocols and deep cleansing procedures.  Our goal is to guide our members through a transformation of body, mind and spirit. The vision of the Research Institute to educate and empower individuals to become the master of their own health and well being. 


 We work with individuals to deeply cleanse and powerfully reset, catapulting our members towards their wellness goals, while gathering experience and knowledge to share with the world. Our intention is to  a safe and efficient program for individuals to DETOXIFY and REJUVENATE, mind, body and spirit.

Our goal is to help each individuals find their own inner motivation and unique path towards a healthful life by addressing the physical, mental and emotional blocks to living in full vitality, joy and strength. We work together to deepen the relationship between our physical, emotional and mental well-being, loosening the effect and control of harmful external influences, while promoting inner growth and understanding. 

We are blessed to be on the beautiful Island of Hawaii, surrounded by warm ocean waters, rushing waterfalls, lush jungle and forests, flowing lava and almost ever present rainbows. By convening with Nature, in a purified state, we are able to reconnect to the innate wisdom within, and rediscover the HEALING POWER OF NATURE that exists within us ALL.